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Our Suppliers

Huntsham Court Farm

Huntsham Court Farm is situated in the beautiful Wye Valley and is owned and run by Richard Vaughan and his wife, Rosamund. The farm has been in the Vaughan family for nearly 400 years, and they specialise in producing meat of the highest quality from traditional breeds – Longhorn cattle, Middle White pigs, and Ryeland sheep.

These magnificent animals are given individual attention by a small, devoted team and are reared and fattened slowly to produce meat of superlative quality, taste, and texture. The meat is then hung traditionally until it reaches perfect maturity and prepared by our skilled butcher to meet the requirements of individual customers.


Longhorn Beef

Huntsham beef comes from the Huntsham herd of Longhorn cattle. These old-fashioned, cattle were first bred over 200 years ago and were the breed that made England famous for its fine roast beef. The Longhorn is rare, but the quality of its meat remains outstanding. Huntsham beef is hung for nearly five weeks so that the fine-grained, well-marbled meat reaches its full potential.

Middle White Pork

Huntsham pork comes from their pedigree Middle White herd. In the 1930s the Middle White was the pork pig of England. However, to compete with the influx of Danish bacon after the war, farmers started to breed larger, leaner pigs for bacon. Young pigs from these bacon breeds are now the source of most pork sold today and the Middle White, the only specialist pork pig, is very rare. Its flavour and crackling are unlike those of any modern pork pig and its fat makes the best roast potatoes in the world. Their sausages are made from the prime meat of the Middle Whites (in contrast to most commercially available sausages) and are served in Michelin-starred restaurants and gastropubs throughout the country.

Ryeland Lamb

Huntsham lamb is produced from Ryeland sheep. This breed was developed in the Ross-on-Wye area and used to be called “the sweet meat of Herefordshire”. It is exceptionally good, but it is now very difficult to find.  Huntsham Farm grows most of its lambs slowly to produce hogget lamb, over a year in age, which gives it a more intense flavour.

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